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Window Tinting Films for Homes

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Window Tinting Films for Homes What are the different types

Window Tinting Films for Homes. Are you interested in getting your windows tinted, with . It is quite in fashion these days. The beauty of urban living trends is that they combine both visual aesthetic appeal and functionality. Your everyday furniture now has a revamped look and the credit goes to using modern elements. All your curtains and blinds are perfectly in place and you have embellished your entire home with the trending accessories. So, if you want to go with the trend and get your windows tinted, it is a great idea! Along with adding glamour to your windows, it can benefit you in several ways.

Benefits of house window tinting

House window tinting will keep the harsh sunlight, dangerous UV rays and pesky intruders out! You can enjoy your privacy and stay comfortable. Your house will stay cool and as a result, you can save on your cooling bill. This way you will be doing a favor to the environment too. It is the duty of every responsible human being to take care of the planet we live in. Even a little bit of effort gets added up and makes a difference.

Types of house window tinting films

Add a magical touch to your space with the different types of window tinting films. You will take the look of your house a notch higher by getting your windows tinted. Window tinting films are both practical and easy on your pocket. You need not spend a fortune to make your house stand out. By installing tinting films from Solar Care, you can get what you want without burning a hole in your pocket.

Here are the types of house window tinting films:

1) Metalized films

Metalized films are a great option for window films as they are tried and tested. These films have metals like copper, nickel and aluminum apart from other materials that function as a protective layer against the scorching sun. This kind of window tinting film defects the external heat during summers and at the same time lets the interiors stay warm during the winters. So, you have a 2-in-1 benefit. You can save on cooling bills during summers and heating bills during winters. 

 2) Colored film or dyed film

The colored or dyed film is the most commonly used window tinting films for homes. It gets its color by the procedure of melting and stretching. This kind of a film does its job by absorbing the heat of the sun instead of repelling it. An added benefit is that it works really well for your privacy as people cannot see through it. 

3) Deposited films

A deposited window tinting film is made by infusing various metals just like metalized films. This also helps in reducing the heat. Their making employs the use of deposition technology and this is the chief reason why they are readily available and light on the pocket. If you are on a budget, it is a good idea to go for these kinds of window tinting films.

4) Hybrid films

Just like the name suggests, a hybrid film provides you with the best of both dyed and metalized films. It offers a lighter tint but has the ability to reflect and absorb heat. This way it turns the scorching heat of the sun into soothing warmth. If you want this effect in your window tint, it is best to tell our experts at Solar Care to install hybrid film on your windows.

5) Ceramic films

The latest type of window tinting film to enter the scene is the ceramic film. It is currently the most sought-after tint film as it employs nanotechnology. What sets it apart from the rest is its ability to reduce interference and strengthen the glass. Moreover, it is able to survive severe cyclones and prevent the glass from getting shattered. Shattered glass can pose a risk to your family members and for their safety, it is advised that you go in for a ceramic window tinting film. 

Why choose Solar Care for window tinting film for homes?

The beauty of the window tint film is as important as its functionality. Both the factors need to be balanced right. Therefore, at Solar Care, we take good care of your needs and desires. Our team has the required expertise to carry out an analysis to find out which kind of film will suit you. The job of our experts is not restricted only to installation. The location of the window and the weather conditions of your place have a main role to play in choosing the right window tinting film of your house. We believe in meeting the intended purpose of installing the window tint so that you are completely satisfied. 

You can reach us at 760-519-4294 and we will be more than happy in answering your queries.