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Window Security Film Does it Work? Do You Feel Safe?

Window Security Film Does it Work? Do You Feel Safe?

window security film

Window Security Film:

Window security film does it really work? Concerned with the security of your commercial or residential space? Well, you might be engrossed with deadbolts, solid doors and automatic locks, completely overlooking your windows.

This is a common mistake, as windows are one of the weak points, susceptible to burglaries, hurricanes and other perils. Remember to install a window security film to plug this security deficit. 

Many people think about Window Security Film: Does it Work? An upgrade to double-glazed panes can provide you with substantial defence against the impacts of man or nature.

In this post, let’s explore how good window films are as a measure of security for your home.

Why should you use window security films?

Since ages, glass has been among the most versatile materials in the construction industry. Glass has got the ability to refract, absorb and transmit light, besides enhancing the aesthetic beauty of your building.

The mechanism through which light gets transmitted through glass can save energy, brighten up the interiors and enhances attitude. Not to forget, glass windows establish a connection with the external world.

However, glass being brittle, your windows leave entry points for intruders to your building. Besides, it has high injury potential. To overcome these issues, reputed brands like Solar Care have come up with security window films.

With these films, regular glass panes can gain strength and offer a greater defence against accidents, vandalism, break-ins and natural disasters.

Moreover, they cut off a significant part of sun rays, preventing harmful UV rays from entering your rooms.

Therefore, if you are wondering Window Security Film: Does it Work, the answer is yes! Check out this article on window tint security.

Top benefits of using window security films

  1. Increased privacy
  2. Greater strength
  3. Saves energy
  4. Low maintenance
  5. Enhanced security
  6. Temperature control
  7. UV protection
  8. Low injury risk
  9. Resistant to scratches
  10. No finger marks

The mechanism in window security films

  • In general, branded companies manufacture window security films from multiple layers of polyester films. Using strong adhesives, these layers are laminated together.
  • The thickness of window films can range from 4 mm. to 15 mm. The strength of the pane directly depends on its thickness.
  • The presence of multiple layers of polyester makes it difficult to puncture, break or tear these panes.
  • The thickness of the adhesive also determines the strength of the panes significantly.
  • For solar protection or tinting, generally thinner films are required.
  • In recent years, the incorporation of nanotechnology has enabled some brands to come with thinner films, which carry greater strength. However, these films are much more expensive.

Is window security pane worth its price?

Well, installing window security pane may involve an extra investment. However, it is worth its price, considering the security and beauty it offers. Installing such panes bring you greater peace of mind. You can bolster your defence against natural disasters, burglaries and other dangers.

In comparison to glass replacement, window films are more cost-effective, considering the warranty and lower maintenance expense. Lately, various commercial institutions are incorporating this kind of protection in their establishments. Apart from residential projects, window security films are ideal for:

  • Fire stations
  • Police stations
  • Schools
  • Banks
  • Shopping complexes
  • Art galleries
  • Museums
  • Public spaces
  • Luxury retail stores

For people wondering Window Security Film: Does it Work, the answer is definitely affirmative. It might not make your panes completely unbreakable.

However, it adds to the strength of your windows. Besides, it is easy to clean the mess up, in case the pane suffers damage. Most importantly, installing window security panes enhance property value.

Buying the right kind of window film is a tricky task, given that you have several varieties of these products available.

Branded companies like Solar Care offer a professional consultation before installing these films in residential and commercial establishments.

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