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Tint Removal – Near Me in Oceanside Ca

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Tint Removal: Steps Which Ensure Removal Without Glass Damage

Tint Removal: Window tints have a lot of advantages but there might come a time when a need might be felt for its complete removal. In fact window tints that are applied have a shelf life and when that exceeds, tint removal becomes a necessity.  

Steps to ensure complete tint removal

When there is a need for the removal of an installed window tint, it can either be done by employing the services of a professional tint installation and removal company like http://solarcareinc.com/ or by using any of the DIY methods mentioned below like:

  • Initial preparation: This involves getting all the supplies and materials required for the chosen process and assembling them in place. The selection of supplies is dependent on the method that is slated to be used.
    • Soap and scrape: In order to ensure complete tint removal, the supplies required are:
      • Any dishwashing soap,
      • A glass cleaner, 
      • Paper towels or clean rags,
      • Spray bottles,
      • Blade or a sharp razor knife and
      • Water.
    • Newspaper and soap: In this technique too all the above materials are required other than the spray bottle along with:
      • A bucket or bowl,
      • Newspaper and
      • Sponge.
    • Ammonia and sun: If a person is not very confident about the above-mentioned processes, he can employ the sun and ammonia technique which requires the following materials:
      • New plastic bags which are unused,
      • Ammonia solution in a spray bottle,
      • Ordinary dishwashing soap,
      • Blade or razor knife along with a pair of scissors,
      • Paper towels,
      • A spray bottle and 
      • Steel wool.
    • Hairdryer method: Heat is a very good method of removing the window ting without damaging the glass. This technique requires the following materials:
      • Hairdryer,
      • Glass cleaner,
      • Clean cloth piece,
      • Paper towels and
      • Blade or razor knife.
    • Steamer method: Materials required for this method include:
      • A fabric steamer,
      • An adhesive remover,
      • Water and
      • Clean cloth or paper towels.
  • Preparing the window: The window which needs to be cleared of the installed tint film needs to be prepared by:
    • Removing all decals or stickers from it,
    • A lengthy extension cord in case heat methods are used for the removal,
    • All the windows, other than the one being worked on for the removal of the tint need to be closed or rolled up.
  • Applying the method chosen: This is the most crucial step wherein the actual process of the removal of the glass tint takes place. It involves certain precision techniques like:
    • Soap and scrape: The razor place is used to gently lift up the corner of the film and then it is gently peeled off carefully so that it does not tear or split up.
    • Soap and newspaper: The window film which needs to be removed is covered with soapy water and then kept covered by a newspaper. This needs to be kept for about an hour and constantly checked to ensure that the newspaper is wet with soapy water. In case it is not, it needs to be dipped in the same and applied. After the stipulated time, the newspaper along with the window film is simply peeled off carefully after scraping one side of the film with the blade.
    • Ammonia and sun: Herein the soapy solution prepared needs to be sprayed onto the film and covered with the garbage bags. This needs to be done both on the inside and the outer surface of the window from which tint needs to be removed. The inner surface now needs to be sprayed with ammonia and covered with plastic bags. After keeping it in this position for an hour, it can be peeled off using a razor knife.
    • Hairdryer technique: When the blow-dryer is witched on in full blast and applied to the glass at a distance of about 2 inches, the heat makes the film curl and then it can be easily peeled off.
    • Steamer technique: This is similar to the hairdryer technique but the fabric steamer needs to be prepared beforehand and then applied from a distance of an inch.

After this, any residual glue can be washed off using soapy water, ammonia solution, the hairdryer or the steamer, depending on the method used for the removal of the tint.

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