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The Benefits Of Residential Window Tinting -

The Benefits Of Residential Window Tinting

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What Are The Benefits Of Residential Window Tinting?

People usually try to protect their house from the sun’s heat, glare and hazardous UV rays by drawing curtains and blinds. However, this is not sufficient during summers. You can think of investing in residential window tinting as it has so many benefits to offer. 

We at Solar Care have been into professional window tinting services for the last 30 years and our aim is to win the hearts of our clients. If you plan to get residential window tinting, you will be able to reap the following benefits:

1) Helps you save energyOne reason why you should go in for window tinting of your home is that you can save on your electricity bill in the long run. When you have regular glass windows, the temperature ofyour house rises drastically during the day due to the heat from outside. When you get windows tinted, you can see a decrease in the cooling bill of your home by a good 30%. This way you don’t hurt your pocket and at the same time reduce the harm done to the environment. At least you have an opportunity to turn eco-friendly this way.

2) Maintains a consistent climate inside the house

When you don’t have window tinting, some of the rooms are likely to be hotter than others due to the sun’s heat penetrating into the house through the windows. Due to this, you might want to avoid those rooms during the day.  Once you get the window tinting film installed, you will have a consistent temperature all day long. This will ensure that you stay at home comfortably. 

3) Reduces glare

Along with reflecting the heat, window tinting also keeps the glare at bay. Glare is a huge problem that affects your comfort levels while you are watching TV, working on the laptop or reading a book. Once you get the windows tinted, you can do what you like without the glare from outside being a hurdle. So, say goodbye to the old-school windows and enjoy the benefits of residential window tinting from Solar Care!

4) Protects from the harmful effects of the sun 

There are high possibilities of getting sun burnt when you sit close to the window with the sun shining brightly. UV rays are the major cause of skin cancer and in order to protect your family, it is advised that you get window tinting done. Doing so will keep 99% of the UV rays away and safeguard your family.

 5) Helps increase the security of the house

One major advantage of residential window tinting is that it can keep unwanted intruders away. We at Solar Care have certified specialists to install the film both from the inside and the outside to hold the glass in place for a longer time in case someone tries to enter the house through it. Our company focuses on prioritizing your safety.

6) Protects from breakage of glass

Your window can get broken by an intruder, a natural disaster like a storm or even accidentally while playing sports. Our window tinting films are strong enough to keep the glass in place so that even if it breaks, it does not shatter into pieces and spreads all over. This keeps your family members protected from any possible injuries due to the glass pieces. 

7) Is easy to maintain

Residential window tinting film is easy to clean. However, please ask our installation experts regarding the cleaning agent that suits your window film the best. Also, the frequency of cleaning depends on the type of tinting film you have chosen. 

8) Improves privacy

If your house is in a place that is busy all day long or there are too many windows, it is advised that you get window tinting done for the sake of privacy. You should feel comfortable when at home and not be under a constant fear that someone might just peep into your house. The element of privacy is extremely important. Solar Care understands this primary need of yours and hence protects your personal space.

9) Enhances aesthetic appeal

If you are getting a house built or are considering getting some renovation done, you should think of residential window tinting because it will enhance the overall appeal of the property. With window tinting, you get a number of benefits and one of them is the enhanced aesthetic appeal of the house. 

Solar Care provides you with the top-notch service in the world of window tinting. The films provided by us can last up to 15 years if maintained properly. However, it is best advised that you get them replaced every 5 to 6 years as UV rays can slowly degrade the film. 

Come to us for your window tinting needs and you won’t be disappointed. You can call us at 760-519-4294 for further details. 

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