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Skylight Window Tinting – Aesthetics And Practicality

Skylight Window Tinting – Aesthetics And Practicality

Beautiful Window Tint

Skylight window tinting. The need to look up at the sky prompts many people to install skylights as an alternative to regular windows. Such skylights give them an unhindered view of the changing beauty of the sky. They help to cut down on utility bills as they keep the room illuminated with natural light for longer. 

Nevertheless, it is also the reason for the build-up of a good amount of heat in the room, especially during the summer months. Another vital disadvantage of a skylight is the constant exposure of the room to harmful UV rays. Consequently, people staying in the room are at a high risk of developing skin cancer while the furniture and furnishings present tend to become faded and damaged. The accumulated heat also results in elevated utility bills, as air conditioners need to work hard to cool the room.

All this makes it a costly option to have a skylight in a house. Fortunately, in this instance, the availability of an easy solution helps people cater to their desire to have a skylight without having to bear its harmful effects. Installing skylight window tinting professionally helps solve the problems associated with the skylight yet retain its beauty. It is cost-effective and offers a plethora of other benefits like:

  • Glare reduction: While the soft lights coming into a room from a skylight in the early hours of the morning are a welcome sight, during the afternoons they become a bother. Since the sunlight hits the skylight in varying levels of intensity and at different angles as the day progresses, the room becomes susceptible to the glare of the sun. When a skylight is tinted, it helps to reduce the visible light transmission of the window. This blocks the glare of the sun considerably and makes the room seem comfortable and cool. 
  • Provides protection from UV rays: Anything that is placed in the path of direct glare from the sun tends to fade away and become a pale reflection of its original self. This is true for furniture, furnishings, room accessories, carpets, photographs, paintings etc. The damage is caused primarily due to the presence of UV rays in the sun’s glare. It is harmful enough to affect people staying in the skylight room for long. By applying skylight window tinting, UV rays can be prevented from entering the room thereby keeping everything within it safe from damage. It also reduces the risk of skin cancer that is a common occurrence of too much exposure to UV rays.
  • Reinforces window strength: A skylight usually bears the direct impact of the changing weather patterns. Be it rains, direct sun rays, storms, snow, hail etc.; the skylight is more susceptible to damage from these elements of weather. By tinting these special window types, they can be reinforced thereby increasing their strength and saving them from being damaged and cracking due to ravages of nature. Places that are prone to earthquakes also experience frequent episodes of window glass cracking. Tinted skylights crack but do not shatter. The tint protects the people in the room from experiencing a shower of glass and its consequences.
  • Controls room temperature better: A skylight tends to make the room quite hot especially in the afternoons. Resultantly, people residing in the house either have to keep out of such rooms for the greater part of the day or keep the air-conditioner switched on for long periods. This results in increased utility bills and discomfort. During winters, rooms with skylights become very cold during the evenings and the night. The excessive use of heaters to make the room comfortable can convert a beautiful skylight experience into an expensive proposition. Tinting the skylight helps to maintain an optimum temperature during the summer as well as in winter thereby reducing HVAC use and lowering monthly utility bills. 

However, despite the advantages of skylight window tinting, many object to having a room look like the interiors of a limousine. It also defeats the purpose of installing a skylight. To counter this, window-tinting companies like Solar Care Window Tinting offer tints in different colours and varying levels of intensity. This enables residents of the skylight room to choose one that is aesthetic, retains the basic essence of the skylight yet provides the required protection from the sun. 

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