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Commercial Window Film Installers Solar Care Window Tinting

Commercial Window Film Installers Solar Care Window Tinting

Commercial Window Film Installers – Mobile Window Tinting

Commercial window film on your building will add to your company’s image! It also appeals to anyone having to work inside the building — the sunrise can project a blinding glare, making it difficult to concentrate and work on your computer, and the afternoon sun can beat down heavily causing an increase in your office’s temperature. By installing window films, you will:

» Reduce heat by up to 78%, helping you to keep the AC down to a minimum, saving you lots of money! » Block 99% of UV rays, preventing damage to furniture and people (preventing skin cancer) by 99%!
» Help protect people from broken/shattered glass!

There are few investments that can produce such immediate and enduring benefits; a guaranteed financial pay-back, protection for people and property, and visual appeal.

Commercial Window Film Installation

We at Solar Care, with an experience of over 30 years, are your total commercial window tint solutions provider in Oceanside, CA. Choosing our services brings you tons of benefits.

Save Money Window Filming
Both large and small facilities can save money as window filming allows maintenance of consistently balanced climate. You will notice an immediate return on the investment as it helps lower your energy bills and operational costs.

Comfortable Indoor Environment With Tinted Windows
Contemporary office designs make natural lighting an important part of the design. Window film helps protect such environment from the accompanying problems of glare, temperature fluctuations and heat. Window filming helps keep out a significant percentage of the heat and UV rays and protects from glare. It helps balance the temperature and maintain a comfortable work environment.

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