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All Surface Protection

There is widespread misconception that stainless steel is stain-free and scratch-proof. It is an exceptional discovery in terms of durable metal, it will still degrade similar to most other architectural metals. It has higher resistance to staining and rusting, but it will still get affected by the elements. This steel is susceptible to smudges and fingerprints too. Salt air oxidation and other elements can also corrode it.

All Surface Protection for Stainless Steelis a clear paint protection film which is an ideal solution to all these problems. It is resilient and can be cleaned and wiped with ease, while protecting the stainless steel surface from marks and stains.

How Clear Paint Protection Film Works?

All Surface Protection for Stainless Steel has a unique ‘recovering’ characteristic. Even when the material gets lightly scratched, it will recover its integrity with slight heating using a blow dryer. This material, when applied to stainless steel surfaces works as the perfect protection, maintaining the surface’s looks and protecting the metal from corrosion and damage in the long term./

All Surface Protection for Stainless Steelprotects the metal surface against scratches that develop over time. This material is also easier to clean.  This paint protection film is similar to the material used for protecting the surfaces of smartphones and iPads. It is a durable and tough protective coating that provides a clear surface. It protects the metal surface against:

  • Corrosion
  • Fingerprints
  • Smudges
  • Salt air pitting
  • Rusting
  • Staining
  • Degradation

Any stainless steel surface can be coated with this clear paint protection film. It will also not darken over time, maintaining the new-like looks forever. This surface will protect both the exterior and interior.

This All Surface Protection provides superior adhesion to the metal surface and excellent protection. It is also available in different sizes for use in different environments and settings. The stainless steel surface will have to be cleaned properly before the film is applied.

This clear paint protection film is engineered to resist the most unforgiving and abrasive conditions. It is similar to the protective film used for a wide range of other applications including the following:

  • Scratch resistance surfaces for appliances that need protection against chemical cleaning compounds.
  • Abrasion-resistant overlaminates used in display and signage applications.
  • Protective film applied on touch screens, electronic display surfaces, and membrane switches.
  • Adhesive protective films.
  • Protective film applied on plasma, LCD and flat-screen displays.
  • Scratch-resistant overlaminates and overlay films used for printed labels.

Pre-Cleaning the Stainless Steel Surface

All Surface Protection for Stainless Steel should be applied on clean and dry stainless steel surface for optimal results and longevity. All corrosion and rust must be cleaned and removed before this film is applied. Use industry-grade and approved stainless steel cleaner that removes all stains including tea-stains.  A no-scratch cleanser should be used to prevent any damage to the surface. It is also important not to clean against the grain or in circles. However, if the stainless steel surface has mirror finish, you should use only specialized cleaning methods and avoid abrasives.

When using an acid cleaner, make sure that the stainless steel surface is first neutralized. All the residue must be washed off using a specialized cleaner and then allow the surface to dry. You can also use solvents such as denatured alcohol or xylene.

If there is no oxidization or corrosion of the surface, there is no need to use a cleanser. If the stainless steel surface have wax, oil or silicone, make sure it is removed before All Surface Protection for Stainless Steel coating is applied. The film can be applied directly to new stainless steel surfaces.

Protection for Stainless Steel

All Surface Protection for Stainless Steel provides surface protection against even moisture and dirt. It can also provide high level of protection to the surface during transportation. You can also apply the coating to stainless steel items, including sheets that need to be stored for a long time.

It will provide high level of resistance against tear and punctures too, thus providing reliable protection against damages that commonly occur during transportation. Another advantage of this film is that it doesn’t leave any adhesive residue if the coating is peeled off. It will also protect against damages caused by traffic and spills.

The clear paint protection film is available in a wide range of thicknesses for use in different types of applications and environments. These different thicknesses provide protection in different settings including residential, commercial and industrial.

All Surface Protection for Stainless Steelis a safe, quick and clean method for protecting your stainless steel surfaces. Unlike other conventional methods of protecting the metal, there is no need for regular maintenance. Once it is applied, all  that is required is frequent wiping.