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Professional Window Tinting Services for your home

Professional window tinting services. Did you know that getting the windows of your home tinted boosts the value of your property? We at Solar Care are experts in the area of window tinting, be it for residential or commercial properties. We are known for providing fair prices, using top quality product and being on time. 

Quality is our top most priority and it is a commitment we make to our clients. We want our customers to be more than just satisfied with our work. This is the reason our clients come back to us for any tinting need.

Benefits you can reap from professional window tinting services

You must be wondering what makes window tinting a great idea for homes. Here are some advantages of getting your windows tinted:

  • Added protection from UV rays: Excess exposure to UV rays leads to an increased risk of variety of health issues from faster aging to skin cancer. UV exposure doesn’t happen only when you are outdoors, but UV rays also shine through clear glass windows.
  • Protection for your furniture: UV rays don’t just affect your skin, but can also damage your furniture. When materials get exposed to sunlight regularly they fade, leather starts to crack. Therefore, window tint can add years to the life of your furniture.
  • Keep your home cool: Sunny days make our homes well-lit, but they also make them warmer. Clear windows, let the light in which then gets trapped and heats up your home.
  • Reduce your utility bills: When your home is cooler, you will not just feel better but you will also consume lesser energy and pay lesser energy bills. 
  • Better visibility: With tinted windows there will not be any glare inside your home, so you can look at your screens without squinting your eyes. 

Apart from the above benefits that you will experience with tinted windows, window tinting services are also a simple upgrade to your home and add to the value of your property. You don’t need a major renovation or spend lots of money on this upgrade. 

Things to consider when hiring a window tinting company

Here are some factors that you can consider while browsing through the companies that offer window tinting services

  • Cost: You must compare the quotes provided by the companies, but don’t get fooled by companies quoting the lowest prices as they might deliver poor quality service. 
  • Company reputation: Try to find a company that is reputed and known for their work. If you are wondering how will you find this information, well online customer reviews are the best way to get reliable feedback. 
  • Years in business: The number of years in a company’s credentials indicate experience and staying in business means they are doing it right. The idea is to find a company that has been in the field for many years. An experienced company like Solar Care will not just deliver amazing results but also wrap up the work in time.
  • Warranty: Imagine that you recently got a window tinting job done and you notice that the film has started peeling. If you don’t have a warranty for the service, you will have to bear the cost of getting it repaired. A service warranty gives an assurance that the tint will be installed properly and the company will pay for expenses incurred incase damage occurs within the stipulated duration.
  • License and insurance: In case a damage is done while tinting the windows by the service provider, it will be covered if their services are insured. License to operate ensures that the company is aware of the local rules and regulations.

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