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Office Window Tinting The Benefits - Oceanside, Ca

Office Window Tinting The Benefits

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Office Window Tinting – Factors affecting the cost of office window tinting

There are numerous benefits of getting your office windows tinted. Apart from protecting you from the harsh sun and dangerous UV rays, it gives a professional look to the office. 

Here are the major factors that affect the cost of a window tint film:

1) Installing Office Window Tinting – Geographic location

In places that are warmer, there is more demand for solar control film to lower the cooling bills and therefore the prices are more competitive. So, the cost of getting window tint films depends on where you are located. You can contact us at Solar Care to get the most reasonable quote. 

2) Installing Office Window Tinting – Ease of the job

Installing the window films on large plain windows and glass doors is easier than doing so for French colonial style windows. With the increase in the number of cuts in the film the cost of installation increases. If the job is easy, it can be done in a day’s time but if the job is complicated (French window) it would take more than a week. So, the ease of the job decides the cost of the job! 

3) Installing Office Window Tinting – Job volume

Generally, the price per square foot will be less if there is a large volume of work. However, it varies from one company to another. We at Solar Care believe in giving the best to our customers and hence quote very competitive rates. If you want to get office window tinting done on a very large scale, our prices will be very reasonable. 

4) Competition

The competition in the field of window films is quite high and it is a deciding factor of the rates. Don’t go in for contractors that offer you the lowest rates as you are bound to get into trouble later as their workmanship will be poor and the quality of window films used will also not be that great. Hence, it is better to get office window tinting done from those who are reputed and have a standard. 

5) Conditions of the market

The best time of the year to get your windows tinted is during the winters. The reason is that during this period there is a drop in demand as most people don’t worry about keeping their office spaces cool as it is already cold! So, it would be wise on your part to get the job done in winters so that you can save a little money. 

6) Type of window film

Window films are generally available at the same rate to contractors. However, there may be variation in prices. What you need to pay attention to are the performance and warranty. You should make sure that you choose to get your office window tinting from a reliable company. That is why you should choose Solar Care as we never compromise on quality. We use the best kind of films available and will never let you down.

When would you have to pay extra for office window tinting?

1) When the work is at a high altitude

When the installation has to be done on the top floors of a high rise building, you naturally have to pay for the extra service, time and risk involved in going up and down the ladders. There is also the need for hydraulic lifts when the installation has to be done at a high altitude. All the expenditure for the setup will get added to the overall charges of the job.

2) When you have to install the film on French pane windows

These types of windows are a little complicated and hence require more time and effort. As a result, there are additional installation charges. 

3) When the old film needs to be removed

The problem with removing the existing film is that the longer it has been on the windows, the more difficult it is to remove it. It requires a lot of time, effort and skill to do so. That is why there are additional charges for it. 

4) When you want to install special films

Spectrally select films cost more than the standard window tinting films as they are more sophisticated. With these films, more light enters your office space with reduced reflection. However, these films keep the heat of the sun out. 

5) When you want security films

These films are tough and come in a variety of thicknesses and hues. They usually are 50 percent to 200 percent costlier than the standard films. The cost of materials used and the installation charges are also high. The need for security films arises when you want additional safety in case of an intrusion to your property. 

6) When there is an obstruction in reaching the windows

In case heavy furniture needs to be moved around so that the installer can access the windows, you have to pay extra for the time and effort involved. 

So, this sums up the factors that affect the price of office window tinting. For the best quote, contact Solar Care Window Tinting – (760) 519-4294 – Mobile Window Tinting.