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San marcos window tinting service. While San Marcos is a great place in San Diego, the heat there can cause a huge damage to your car or home. If you work there or going to school at Palomar College or CSUSM (Cal State San Marcos) you know how hot it gets during summer time.

But, we have a solution to all these problems.

SolarCareInc provides a quick service of car window tinting and home window tinting in San Marcos reducing 60%+ of heat in your car or home.

San Marcos Car Window Tinting Service.

While you are in San Marcos, we come to you to tint your car windows. Our service is fast & reliable with many happy clients. Our window film is specifically chosen for San Marcos area as the temperatures can reach over 90F during summer. This causes a heat to build up in your car and when you return your car AC has to work constant to remove all the heat while you drive. Besides that your seats, dashboard and other parts are hot to a touch.

Our car window film can reduce up to 60% more of the trapped heat in your car, making it cooler. Most equipment inside such as radio will be cooler to touch.

Our Services:

  • Professional window film installation – We will recommend window film that might be suitable to your needs or you choose from our selection.
  • Reduction of fading and cracking – Keeping you car in top form will help you keep the value of your cae as high as possible. Our window film will help prevent fading and cracking.
  • 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays rejected

Home Window Tinting in San Marcos, North County.

We service all of San Marcos homes to help you prevent heat. As you can see during hot months the heat is trapped inside your home and running your AC at home will end up costing you more.

Our home window tinting service can help you reduce the heat trapped as well as keep your home cool. All of our home window films is chosen for San Marcos area as the sun glare can cause a lots of damage to your furniture as well. Window film can reduce up to 78% of the heat in your home making it a smart investment.

Our Services & Benefits for homes in San Marcos:

  • Full window tint installation – Contact us for a price quote and we will help you to choose the right window film for your area
  • Enhance visual appeal of your home – Window film can enhance curb appeal making it more desirable home in your neighborhood.
  • Glare, temperature fluctuations and heat reduction – Keeping your home cool during San Marcos hot months is important aspect, especially when you come home. No one wants to come home to a hot house.
  • Reduce exposure to fading – Since our window films can reduce up to 99% UV rays, your furniture, expensive equipment, carpet will have a prolong life.
  • Professional Appearance – We have a variety of decorative window films with  a wide range of designs and styles to enhance your curb-appeal even more.

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