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Poway Window Tinting

Poway Window Tinting. Poway is a beautiful city in San Diego, but it is also known for its sunny days and hot temperatures. If you live or work there or go to the Poway High School or Berean Bible College, you already know how hot it can be during the summer. We at Solar Care Window Tinting, inc., have the right solution to this problem.

At Solar Care Window Tinting, inc., we offer professional car window tinting and home window tinting service to help reduce your car and home getting heated by almost 60%.

Poway has a semi-arid climate and the temperatures can reach up to 82°F. We have window tinting films which are specifically suited for this climate.

Poway Car Window Tinting Service

When you are in Poway, our technicians can visit you to install car window tinting. We offer fast service and ensure complete customer satisfaction. With temperatures reaching 80F in summer, your car can become too hot left out. This can mean your AC has to work harder to ensure cooler temperatures.

Our Services:

  • Reduced Fading – The high temperatures, direct sunlight, and UV rays can damage your car’s interiors. Your car is a valuable asset and we can install the right car window tinting film to block the harsh sunlight to protect the leather, vinyl and upholstery.
  • Protection from UV Rays – Our car window tinting can block almost 99% of the harmful UV rays, protecting your car and your skin from damages.
  • Reduced Heating – We offer window tinting that can block 35% to 65% of solar heat, depending on your requirements. Create more comfortable interiors and don’t let your AC to work harder to maintain the temperatures.

Home Window Tinting in Poway, San Diego County

Solar Care Window Tinting, inc., offers home window tinting service throughout Poway to help reduce interior heating and protect your furnishings, floor and walls. We have the right type of window tinting films to help prevent heating and reducing your cooling costs.

Our services and benefits for homes in Poway:

  • Reduced Heating & Glare – Our home window tinting service can help in significantly reducing heat in your home. The comfort level inside your home will increase dramatically. Besides, we can also install the right type of film that allows you to watch TV or work on the PC without any glare from the sun.
  • Increased Privacy – Our window tints can also help increase your home’s privacy. You will not have to worry about anyone outside being able to get a glimpse inside. These films can also deter burglars. They can neither see what is inside and nor have an idea if someone is home or not.
  • Protect Home Interiors – Our home window tinting service can also protect your valuable furniture, curtains, flooring, carpets, and other valuables from direct sunlight. When these items are exposed to solar heat and ultraviolet rays for long, they can not only fade, but get damaged too. The UV rays can cause cracks in these valuables. Our window tinting can help in protecting your investment in the long term.

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