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Escondido Window Tinting

Escondido Window Tinting. Solar Care window tinting, provides professional car window tinting and home window tinting service. All of our technicians have an extensive knowledge of tinting films and can provide you with an idea which film to use.

Our recommended car tint for Escondido hot weather:

In Escondido temperatures can reach to a very high degrees and cause inside of your car to heat up. No one likes to walk into a hot car as well as drive in a hot weather.

Our tint offers solution to this problem and more. Our tints are hard to distinguish from factory glass which produces a richer, more distinctive appearance while also helps you to keep your car cool. These tints were specifically chosen for North County in San Diego as the heat can reach over 100°F.

What are the benefits?

  • Heat Reduction– Average of 60% of heat reduction can be felt while your car sits in a hot parking lot.
  • Reduce Fading-Our tinting film blocks 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays which helps with fading in your car. Specifically car seats fading, dashboard fading, carpets, audio equipment and speakers  which can help prolong the life of the inside of your car.
  • Reduce Glare While Your Drive– Glare from the sun coming from the driver side or passenger side can cause a car to heat up quicker. Our window car tint can reduce dangerous glare from the sun. We also recommend sun-strip on the from windshield to help eliminate sun spots.
  • Safety– Even a small fender-bender can shatter a car glass all over the place. Window film will help hold the broken glass together.

Reduce Heat In Your Home From Hot Weather In Escondido

SolarCareInc, has a wide range of home window tints, which is needed if you are in Escondido. You don’t want to come home to a hot house during summer months. All of our home window films offer heat & glare reduction and privacy & safety.

Heat:Windows many times contribute to high temperatures in your home. The heat can build up in rooms very quickly as Escondido temperatures builds up quickly during the day. We can recommend home window films that will be suited for your location to reduce the heat in your home.

Privacy & Safety: Everyone wants privacy and not having people looking over your home every time they walk by. We have a wide range of privacy home tinting films that can provide safety & security from people.

Fading: Heat can cause more damage to your furniture or other items in your home. If you see that your dresser in a room looks like it is fading, it is a result of the heat that is trapped inside of your home. To prevent this fading our home window films can reduce fading and keep your furniture like new.

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