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Encinitas Window Tinting – Car – Home – Office Window Tint

Encinitas Window Tinting. Encinitas is a wonderful place in San Diego, but the sunny and hot days can mean damage to not just your car and home, but also to your skin. Due to its mild, Mediterranean climate, the average temperatures remain around 72°F which can rise to over 85°F on the hottest days. If you live or work here or go to the California Institute of Human Science, Mira Costa College, The Lux Art Institute or the San Dieguito Heritage Museum, you would already know how hot the days can be.

But, we at Solar Care Window Tinting, inc., can provide the perfect solution to this problem. We offer quick and reliable car window tinting and home window tinting service that can reduce up to 60% of heat in your home or car.

Encinitas Car Window Tinting Service

If you live or work in Encinitas, we can come to you to provide car window tinting service. Our focus on customer satisfaction means we provide reality and quick services. The window films we choose are specifically based on the temperatures and conditions in Encinitas. With temperatures crossing the 85F mark in the summers, it is easy for your car to become hot, forcing your AC to work regularly to eliminate the heat and maintain cool interiors. The damage to the upholstery, dashboard and other parts can be costly in the long term.

Our Services:

  • Block UV Rays – We can install the right window tinting film on your vehicle to block UV rays from entering the car’s interior. This means there will be no more fading, damages and tearing of the upholstery, leather and other parts. The film will block out 99% of UV rays and also keep the passengers safe.
  • Controlled Temperatures – Our car window tinting film can block up to 60% of solar heat, thus helping maintain the temperatures. The car interior will become cool faster and there will be lesser stress on the AC.
  • Increased Safety – If you are unfortunately engaged in an accident, the car window tinting film can protect you from flying shards of glass. It will hold together the glass when it breaks.
  • Increased Privacy – If you ever carry any valuables in your car, window tinting film can prevent anyone from getting to see what is inside.

Home Window Tinting in Encinitas

We service all Encinitas homes to help create comfortable interior even on the hottest summer day. Heat will easily build up in your home, causing the AC to take more time to cool it. This also means increased energy costs.

Our Services & Benefits of Homes in Encinitas:

  • Energy Efficiency – We install home window tinting that offers long-term savings on your energy bills. It can reduce solar heating by up to 60% and requires lesser time for your AC to maintain cool temperatures.
  • Maintain Consistent Temperatures Longer – Reducing the heat from the sun can help in maintaining more consistent temperatures form one room to another.
  • Reduced Glare – Our technicians will install the right type of window tinting film to reduce glare from the sun. Whether you are watching TV, working on the PC, or reading, the film will prevent sunlight glare from interfering with your activities.
  • Protection from Sunlight & UV Rays – Encinitas experiences plenty of sunshine and without proper window tinting protection, it can cause sunburn. Our home window tinting service ensures that you and your family remains protected from both direct sunlight and UV rays.
  • Enhanced Security – Window tinting film can also prevent intruders from breaking into your home. When the right type of film is installed by a certified technician, the glass will be able to hold longer if someone tries to break in.

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