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Camp Pendleton Window Tinting Service

Camp Pendleton Window Tinting. Camp Pendleton is a beautiful place in San Diego, but the sunny days can mean that your home and car need protection all year round. Whether you live or work in Camp Pendleton South or North or go to the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, we offer the perfect solution to the problem.

Solar Care Window Tinting, inc., offers quick and professional car window tinting and home window tinting service in Camp Pendleton. We can recommend the right window tinting to help reduce 60% and more heat in your home or car.

Camp Pendleton Car Window Tinting Service

If you are in Camp Pendleton, we can visit your place to tint your car windows. We offer quick and reliable service with focus on customer satisfaction. Our window films are specifically selected for the Camp Pendleton climate. The plenty of sunshine here can cause heat to quickly build up in your car. This means the AC has to work harder and longer to eliminate the heat. The sunlight will also heat up the seats and dashboard.

Our window tinting films will help control your car’s temperature. This means you will not have to deal with a windshield cover which can be a hassle. The right tint can maintain the car’s interior temperature, keeping your vehicle cool even on the hottest day.

Our Services:

  • Reduced Heating – We can install car window tinting film that reduces solar heat by 60% or more.
  • Blocks UV Rays – The UV rays in sunlight is much more harmful to your car and your skin than solar heat. We install tints that block out 99% of UV rays. It can help prevent fading and damages to the car’s upholstery, leather and dashboard. The film also protects your skin from damages like discoloration, wrinkles, sunspots, and potential risks of skin cancer.
  • Prevent Shattered Glass – We also install the right type of car window tinting that provides safety benefits. It will protect the glass from shattering in case of an accident or an object hitting it. The film will protect the passengers from flying glass shards. At the same time, it can also prevent the passengers from being evicted out of the vehicle in case of a big impact.
  • More Privacy & Security – Solar Care Window Tinting, inc., installs car window tinting in a wide range of shades to provide different levels of privacy. You can park your vehicle without worrying someone being able to peek inside.

Home Window Tinting in Camp Pendleton, San Diego County

We provide our car window tinting and home window tinting service in all of Camp Pendleton. During summer time the hot sun can easily heat up your home interiors, requiring your AC to work harder to maintain cooler temperatures.

Our Services & Benefits for Homes:

  • Increased Energy Efficiency – Our home window tinting service will help reduce solar heating by 60% in your home. This means there will be lower energy consumption. In the absence of the right tinting, your home can become too hot and the air conditioning will have to work much harder to reduce the temperature. Our technicians can install just the right type of window tints to reduce your energy costs.
  • Enhance Your Home’s Looks – Our experienced technicians can recommend the right window tint that offers both solar heat protection and increase your home’s beauty. You can choose your favorite shade or let our technicians make a professional suggestion.
  • Increased Safety & Protection – In case of an emergency situation, window tinting films can also prevent the glass from shattering into pieces. The tinted film will keep all the shards together and protect you and your family from getting hurt.

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