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Large Window Tinting – What You Should Know – Oceanside, Ca -

Large Window Tinting – What You Should Know – Oceanside, Ca

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Large Window Tinting: Steps Involved for Installation

Large Window Tinting. To get a view of beautiful countryside or the surrounding mountains or the gushing waves of the ocean, most people living near such mesmerizing exteriors tend to install large floor to ceiling windows.

These windows enable them to enjoy the beauty of their surroundings irrespective of the weather conditions outside. But one disadvantage of these windows is that it also allows free passage of the heat and the glare of the sun into the rooms where they are installed.

This can create hot and uncomfortable conditions within the room and also damage the furniture and other decorative items present in it like fabrics, leather, carpets, wooden floor, etc. The only solution is the installation of a tinting film on the windows which enables a person to have an unobstructed view of the exteriors without having to face the heat and the dazzling glare of the sun.

Large Window Tinting for commercial spaces

Floor to ceiling glass is also used as a partition wall in several commercial spaces. While this gives a virtual sense of space, it also hampers the privacy of the people working in the offices. Thus, to ensure the confidentiality of the people working in the office space, the large windows are tinted and are as partitioning wall.

But to get the tinting done it is best to get in touch with people professionally proficient in the same like SolarCareInc.com. This is because tinting large windows are different from tinting the average sized windows and can result in specific application hazards. Typically the installation of tinted film on large windows requires more than one person working. Also, the process of large tinting windows is a process which requires a great deal of precision. It involves the following three steps:

  • Window measurement: This is a step which consists of a lot of accuracies and the proper measurement of the window ensures adequate cutting of the film and installation of the same without much overlapping of edges.
  • Window cleaning: Next the window needs to be thoroughly cleaned and dried so that not even a speck of dirt remains on the same. This can hamper the process of film placement thereby leading to slip-shoddy work.
  • Film cutting: This is another significant step in the process of large tinting window and hence needs to be done with precision and sincerity so that the exact measurement of the window can be followed.
  • Window wetting: The window needs to be wet before the placement of the film to enable the film to cling properly to the surface of the glass.
  • Liner removal: The clear film which is placed as a backing on the tinted film roll is removed to enable it to stick to the glass. This work needs to be done very patiently and slowly so that fingerprints do not stain the film edge and make it look shabby. Since the adhesive present on the tinted film is generally water activated, the film also needs to be sprayed with water so that it adheres to the wet glass tightly.
  • Film placement: This is that part of the job which, not only requires more than one person, it also needs them to be patient in their handling, perfect in their preparations and extremely thorough in their knowledge of the same.
  • Outer surface spraying: The top surface of the film then needs to be reset as many times as required to get a consistently smooth look.
  • Squeegeeing the film: Bubbles and imperfections present, if any need to be smoothened with the use of the squeegee. If required the wetting solution needs to be applied once again till such time as all the imperfections are straightened and all the bubbles removed.  
  • Edge trimming: Once the film has been smoothly applied, its edges need to be trimmed so that they lie entirely in sync with the window edges thereby making the glass and the film appear as one.
  • Drying of the squeegee: Lastly all excess wetting solution needs to be removed entirely from the tinted film applied on the glass windows and the squeegee dried.

Large Glass Window Tinting & Film

The installation of a tinted film on a large glass windows are somewhat similar to the installation of the wallpaper. Herein also the seams need to be placed at the correct position on the window so that the seams remain almost invisible.

Cutting of the sutures is another process which needs to be carried out with professional precision. The best way to do it is to cut them about half an inch more than the window measurements and install them with one overlapping the other.

Then the same needs to be cut along the middle using a sharp knife and a ruler. The excess film is them peeled off going from top to bottom, it needs to be lifted off from the edge, and then the waste piece is slid away from below to get that perfectly seamless look.

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