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DIY Window Tint: Follow These Dos And Don’ts Solar Care

DIY Window Tint: Follow These Dos And Don’ts


DIY Window Tint

DIY Window Tint. After the selection and installation of the auto glass and tint, what needs to be taken into consideration, next is how to take care of the tint applied.

Like all the other features that are installed in an automobile, window tints installed also need to be taken care of in a special way.

Thus there are certain do and don’ts that one needs to follow so as to maintain the durability and longevity as well as to ensure that it remains looking new for a longer period of time.

DIY Window TintThese include:

Windows need to be rolled up: While the window tint applied starts showing its benefits the moment it is installed, the glue or adhesive used to stick the roll to the window takes time to cure.

This time period is essential since it prevents the window tint from pealing. Thus till such time as the adhesive gets cured, it is best to keep the windows rolled up and not roll them down.

Water pockets or haziness is normal: There are instances wherein water pockets can be seen within the installed film.

In fact there can also be a certain amount of haziness which might prevent a clear view from the inside of the window.

But both of these instances are absolutely normal and there is no cause for worry since these are not due to a faulty installation.

The water which stays trapped within the film and the window glass eventually evaporates thereby leaving no trace of any haziness.

But one needs to be a little patient since this process of evaporation can take about 2 days to even a month depending on the external climatic conditions.

Cleaning needs to wait: Windows should not be cleaned with a cleaning agent immediately after the installation of the window film.

If the adhesive used to install the window tint does not cure properly, the film installed might start peeling from the corners.

Thus it is best to clean the window film applied from the inside using only a microfiber cloth or a paper tissue.

No ammonia: Generally speaking in order to ensure the window film installed remains clean and clear, it is important to clean them once in a while using a cleaner and a non-abrasive and soft cloth.

But care should be taken to ensure that the cleaner used does not contain any ammonia either singly or in combination with other compounds.

This is because ammonia has a clean negative effect on the tint and can also damage it.

Window tints are not invincible: Being scratch resistant or durable etc., does not automatically make a tint scratch proof.

There are also many different ways by which the window tint can get scratched. Thus one should be very careful when taking out things from within the car.

Since the film is installed on the inside of the car window, it becomes easy for it to get scratched when some things are taken out or put into the car.

It is very important to understand that the tint is not invincible and take care accordingly so that they are durable and long lasting.

Taking extra care with seat belts: People have a general habit of opening the clasp of the seat belt and letting it retract on its own.

This results in a small collision between the seat belt buckle and the tinted window. While this might not seem like a contact which should have much of an impact on the glass, this ding is enough to damage the window film.

Thus extra care needs to be taken when clasping and unclasping the seat belt inside the car.

Professional window film installation VS DIY installation:

DIY Window Tint. The above mentioned dos and don’ts are simple to follow and easy to incorporate in the daily routine of the person. Hence, as most window film applying professionals like Solar Care Window Tinting Services.

there is no reason for a person to roam around in a hot car with the air condition put on full blast. In fact he can also easily protect himself from the harmful rays of the sun and make all journeys undertaken in the car a pleasant and comfortable experience.

It pays to invest in a window film for the investment facilitates good returns both practically, aesthetically and financially.

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