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How Window Film Works – Things One Should Know

How Window Film Works – Things One Should Know

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How Window Film WorksThis is how window film works: You may be someone who loves spending most of your time in bright, sunny rooms. However, at times, you do feel the heat getting too much under your skin.

This is when you call in the installers and get a cool window tint installed. Now, have you ever wondered how window film works?

These products go a long way in controlling light and temperature in your interiors. In this post, you will get to know about the functional aspects of residential and commercial window films.

In case you are yet to familiarize yourself with window films, you should know that installing quality tints can protect you from UV rays. Along with this, window tints can block as much as 80% of the heat of the sun.

Check out how window film works

As the sun pours out its light on the earth, an electromagnetic spectrum comes with three types of light. These include:

  • Ultraviolet light: This is the invisible light coming from the sun, which can fade color in furniture and fabrics, besides inflicting skin damage.
  • Visible light: Visible light can be perceived, given that it illuminates objects around you during the daytime. Among the three types of light that come through the electromagnetic spectrum, this is the only band visible to naked human eyes.
  • Infrared light: Accounting for over 50% of the solar heat, infrared light produces the heat energy you feel.

 When you try to make out how window film works, you should be knowing the different types of rays that make their way to the earth.

Windows films are capable of absorbing the harmful UV rays, while the infrared rays get reflected off. Eventually, only the visible light passes through the tinted glass unobstructed and reaches your interiors.

How do window films reduce heat?

While understanding how window film works, you would also be interested to know how it cuts off the heat content of the sun. In the end, installing these films in your car, home, or commercial space delivers a cool working ambiance.

You must be know, that these films are available under different categories of opacity. As a result, one can personalize the quality of tint, allowing the desired degree of light to pass into the rooms. In any case, you would be eliminating the solar energy coming in the form of heat.

The outer surface of window tints reflects off the heat energy, thereby keeping the interiors cool. This explains why your AC would be consuming lesser energy when you install a window film.

 Thicker films offer physical strength

 You must be knowing that tinted panes enhance the tensile strength of your windows. Well, you must have noticed broken window panes in cars.

Although the glass breaks due to an external force, the fragments remain glued together, thereby minimizing injury. This is the same way how window film works in homes and offices.

Installing window films

Window films are actually made of self-adhesive polyesters, which you can apply to different glass surfaces. The polyester films come with different degrees of impenetrability.

The branded manufacturers use special adhesives to hold the metalized coatings and films together. Besides, they are treated and coated with vacuum metalizing. Other ingredients include pigments, dyes, and sputter coating.

One side of the film is coated with a scratch-resistant pigment, mounted with an adhesive layer. The other side has got a protective liner.

The installers remove this protective liner when they fix the films to your window panes. The glue attaches the film to the internal surface of the glass.

Now, that you know how window film works, you can install patterned, colored, or other aesthetically pleasing designs in your residential or commercial windows.

Make sure to hire an established company for a seamless installation at your place.

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