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How to Remove Window Tint Heat Gun?

Remove window tint heat gun. There are many reasons people want to remove their car window tint. Your car’s window tinting may have faded or been damaged. Many times, people are tired of their current tint job and want to remove it. Whatever the reason, you can use a heat gun and a few other tools to remove the tint.
Before you begin, the following tools and items will be required for the purpose:
• A Heat gun
• Window cleaner or soap water
• Razor blade
Make sure the heat gun has an attachment so that you can control the hot air. All the tools and gear should be properly organized for ease of reach. This will help save time and improve safety. It is further recommended to park your car on a flat workspace. A flat driveway or garage floor can be just the answer.

Removing the Window Tint

It is recommended to take the following steps to remove window tinting:
1. Heat the Window Tint
Heat the tint in a straight movement across the surface. Start from the edge of the window and move along the glass and film. The heat will help soften the glue that holds the tint in place. Move the heat gun across the window back and forth in streaks.

2. Use the Razor Blade
Scrape the film using the razor blade while continuing to heat until you can grab hold of a chunk. Check how loose the tint becomes by pulling it away from the glass. When it is loose enough, scrape off a large part that can be grabbed to make it easier to remove the tint.

3. Remove the Film at an Angle
Next, you should heat and remove the film at an angle. Do this until it becomes loose enough to be easily removed. Pull the film gently and work the heat behind it to soften the glue. Care should be taken that the heat is not directed to other areas that may be melted. Pull the film at an angle and try to loosen the glue. Gradually, it should become easy to remove the film due to the greater heat and force.

4. Spray the Window Cleaner
Spray the glass with the window cleaner. Use the razor blade to scrape off any remaining adhesive. It is recommended to scrape off the glue in lines. Spray enough to keep the window wet. It may be required to wipe the window dry to find the glue residue. Continue this step until the adhesive has been fully removed. Once all the glue has been removed, spray and wipe the window clean.

Professional Tips
It is further recommended to follow these professional tips when removing the tint from your vehicle’s windows:
• Make sure to wear gloves when using the razor blade
• When the film begins to tear, stop, and allow the cleaner to seep into the film or use the gun over the spot again
• When the film is kept intact, it will speed up the removal process and prevent the need to grab another new edge to be peeled off.

When you tint your windows, it helps provide protection from the sun and its harmful effects. Besides keeping out most of the harmful UV rays, the film can also reduce heat build-up during the summer months. Tint films tend to degrade over time, providing uneven protection and developing bubbles.

They can also interfere with visibility. Besides, moving between states can mean changes in regulations, requiring you to remove your window tint. Whatever the reason for tint removal, it is recommended to follow the above-mentioned steps for the process.

If you find the process to be complex or time-consuming, you should seek professional help from Solar Care Window Tinting.