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How Long Do Tinted Windows Last

how long do tinted windows last

How long do tinted windows last? If you are bracing up to tint the windows of your home or car, a common question would definitely come up in your mind: how long do tinted windows last?

To give you a brief answer, branded window films should serve at least five years. With proper maintenance, window tints can even last for more than ten years.

However, improper installation, choosing the wrong type of films, and poor maintenance can significantly slash down the lifeline of these films. 

The durability of tinted windows largely depends on several factors. Once you get to know these aspects, you can try and make the window films last longer.

Most importantly, you need to purchase high-quality products from branded manufacturers like Solar Care. The professionals also provide comprehensive assistance in customizing and installing these films.

Factors determining the durability of tinted windows & How long do tinted windows last

A number of factors determine the overall lifeline of tinted windows. While it makes sense to invest in high-quality products, certain aspects are not directly associated with product quality. Here are certain aspects you need to consider while calculating the lifespan of the tints.

  • Window tint quality
  • Professional installation
  • Heat exposure of the film
  • Cleaning methods and agents
  1. Window tint quality

In general, you should go for tints that would last for at least five years. To optimize your investment, it makes sense to go for the high-end ones made with sophisticated polyester, ceramic, and metal. These tints can last for more than a decade.

Also, ensure proper maintenance once you get the window films installed. With the best degree of protection, you can expect a prolonged lifespan from these products.

  1. Professional installation

Experts know how to install window tints properly. This explains why most households prefer hiring a professional company like Solar Care to get the films installed. Trying to install these delicate films yourself might lead to installation defects. At times, the films would not stick to the glass properly. This might lead to premature deterioration of the film. With a professional installer around, you can expect a longer lifeline from the film. 

  1. Heat exposure of the film

When you try to find out how long do tinted windows last, make sure to consider your location. The location of your windows determines the heat exposure of the tint. In case the window film remains directly exposed to sunlight, it might degrade faster. Professional installers recommend the best products, considering the material’s capacity to obstruct heat. 

  1. Cleaning methods and agents

Experts recommend closely adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to cleaning window tints. Using the wrong cleaning technique or agent might degrade the tint faster. For instance, you should avoid using cleaning agents containing ammonia. When you seek professional support from experts, they would put you on the right track. This ensures that your window tint would last relatively longer with better maintenance and care.

How to clean your tinted windows to enhance their durability?

One of the prime aspects leading to premature degradation of window tints is poor maintenance. Here are certain guidelines that would help you follow the right cleaning technique.

  • Do not use cleaners that contain ammonia or alcohol. Neither should you use any abrasive cleaner on your tinted window.
  • You can use a mild dish-washing soap and prepare a solution. Blend it with water in a spray bottle and apply the solution like an ordinary glass cleaner. 
  • Use microfiber towels or squeegees to wipe off the water after cleaning.
  • Professionals might also recommend you certain glass cleaners that are not harsh on tints.

Should you go for cheap window tints?

When you upgrade your home with tinted windows, you would try and make some cost savings, right? However, it would not be wise to go for cheap window tints in an effort to save a few hundred dollars.

Remember, your home is one of the most precious assets. It makes sense to shell out the extra money to purchase long-lasting window films. Certain homeowners fail to realize the value of quality window tints from established brands like Solar Care. In the process, they need to change the tints every alternate year. 

Now that you know that branded tints can serve you over a decade, you should start allocating a fund to purchase quality window films.

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