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How Does An Office Benefit From Tinting Its Windows? -

How Does An Office Benefit From Tinting Its Windows?

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People tend to spend about 8 to 12 hours every day in an office. Hence it becomes the duty of the company employing them to ensure proper working conditions by installing an air conditioner, fridge, etc. 

But the regular use of these electronic items, especially the air conditioner has an enhanced effect on the utility bills. The installation of window films on the window glasses helps bring about an evident reduction in the utility bills.

Technological advances have ensured that office window tinting benefits far out-weight the amount invested in them. There are plenty of benefits associated with the installation of window tinting and films. These benefits pertain to both practical applications and aesthetics. Easy to install and easy to replace, the window film is one of the most popular features of an office decor today. 

It would not be wrong to say that interior decorators and architects love window film tinting. This is because of the considerable advantages which this tinting of windows offers like:

  • Glare reduction: It is a natural phenomenon for sun rays to peak during office hours. This results in enhanced glares falling on all devices which have interactive and non-interactive screens like computers, laptops, and even smart-phones, etc. The result is a considerable lack in the visibility of these screens. People working in such conditions have to stress their eyes to see and read what appears on the screens, thereby resulting in the discomfort of the eyes, shoulders, back, etc. The installation of the window film in the office by professionals like helps to reduce the glare, thereby preventing the previously mentioned problems from occurring. It also enhances productivity and employee satisfaction; both factors are significant contributors to the growth of a company.
  • Improve employee comfort: It is a known fact that the air conditioner has to be run throughout the office timings to ensure a pleasant temperature and an amiable atmosphere. But this not only increases the utility bills, but it also puts pressure on the compressor of the air conditioner, thereby making it malfunction at times. The installation of the window tinting helps to keep the office relatively fresh by filtering out the heat and glare of the sun rays entering the building. Thus the office can be made to remain serene at an optimum temperature, thereby reducing the pressure on the compressor. Statistically speaking, the windows contribute to increasing the utility costs by about 40% while tinting of windows helps to bring down the energy costs by about 5 to 15%. For large and small companies, corporations, and organizations, this amount is considerable.
  • Privacy and security: Most window tints are of a darker shade than a clear transparent window. Thus there is reduced visibility, especially when people try to view the inside of the office from the outside. This reduced visibility results in greater privacy for the people inside the office and also ensures that critical and sensitive documents are kept safe.
  • Blocks UV rays: One of the leading causes of the rampancy of skin cancer is the UV rays that come out of the sun. These UV rays are incredibly harmful, and today with the erosion of the ozone layer, the entry of the UV rays has increased considerably. While the application of sunscreens provides temporary relief, the commercial tinting of office windows ensures a more permanent solution. They offer a solution wherein 80% and above UV rays get blocked out. Some window tints help block out over 95% of the UV rays.
  • Aesthetics: Office decor is an integral part of every office, and windows are one of the most critical areas for decoration. They help open up the employees to the outside and ensure views which are beautiful and inspirational. The use of window films in offices helps by:
    • Enabling employees to continue to enjoy the sights and
    • Enhancing the decor of the office through the use of designer window films.

Window tinting in offices has today become an extremely viable economic proposition. Thus almost all offices today opt to get window films installed from commercial window tinting firms primarily because of the excellent ROI it generates.