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Commercial Building Window Tinting – Oceanside, Ca

Commercial Building Window Tinting – Oceanside, Ca

Commercial Window Tinting

How Commercial Building Window Tinting Can Help Increase Comfort?

Commercial building window tinting provides comfort in a wide range of ways. You can find window films that can improve the insulation value of a single pane window to that of a double-pane window and even more.

The result is a more comfortable interior by preventing heat loss during the winter and by rejecting heat during the summer.

So when you install window tinting in your commercial building, you are not just saving on the energy bills. It will also help in keeping your employees and customers more comfortable. There are different ways in which it can enhance the comfort factor.

Temperature Control

Window tinting can contribute to keeping a room’s temperature more moderate and thus more comfortable. Natural light coming through a window can make a room uncomfortable.

The air conditioning will not have to work as hard to maintain the set temperature. The film will also help prevent the development of hot spots.

There is the option to close the blind or curtain, but it will block out natural light. Tinted window film can minimize heat from direct sunlight. It can help create a temperature that is a few degrees lower than outside.

The results will depend on the place where your commercial building is located, the seasons, and the choice of the type of window tinting.

If it is in a warm place that receives ample sunlight most of the year, you should consider sun control films. They are available in types ranging from the ones that can block 40% natural light to the ones that block 70% of light. 

All season window films are for locations where insulation is required all year round. They can reject heat during the summer and prevent heat from transmitting out during the winter.

Thus, everyone inside will feel more comfortable without your HVAC system having to work ‘overtime’.

All season window tints are perfect for you if you:

  • Want good insulation for your building during summer and winter
  • Don’t have issues with amber, silver, or other tints in the windows
  • Desire energy savings

Protection from UV Rays

How your skin feels under exposure to light is also an important comfort factor. If you care about your employees’ comfort, you would also think about their health.

So, it is important to choose window films that protect your staff and customers from the harmful UV rays. 

When it comes to UV rays, there is some misconception that it is enough to insulate windows in areas where direct sunlight enters the building.

Exposure to natural light, not direct sunlight, can also cause exposure to UV rays. So, it is important to install UV-protective window films everywhere. 

UV rays are known to cause damage to skin cells. They can cause premature aging and also increase the risk of skin cancer. 

Reduced Glare

Again, there is more to comfort than controlled temperatures. The choice of the right commercial window tinting can also help reduce glare.

Glare can cause disruption in the normal work and performance of your employees. It can cause eye strain, headaches, and many other issues.

Window tinting can help create a glare-free environment. 

Whether someone is doing some paperwork or working on the computer, glare can interfere with their sight.

The choice of the right window film can create a more comfortable and productive workplace.

Your employees will be able to do more without suffering from eye-fatigue or other issues.

Thus, there are different ways in which commercial window tinting can increase comfort and create a better and more productive work environment.

Your employees will be thankful to you for the investment you make in window films.

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