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Home Window Tinting What it Should Mean To You

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What does home window tinting mean and how much does it cost?

Home window tinting is much in vogue these days and can be compared to getting sunglasses for your windows. Previously, home window tinting was done to block sunlight or to maintain privacy and hence was colored. However, today there is a sea change in the technology used in window tinting. You might be actually standing in front of a tinted window without knowing that it has a tinted film. 

Basically, window tinting is nothing but applying a window film to the existing window glass. These sheets are thin and made out of a special material. It needs to be installed by an expert if you want perfection. At Solar Care, we provide you with the latest and the best quality window films so that when they are applied by our professionals there are no bubbles or peeling. 

Why should you go in for home window tinting?

Getting the windows of your home tinted has several benefits like increase in your privacy, reduction in heat absorption, protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun, anti-glare effect and increased strength of the window glass. Hope so many benefits are enough to convince you to get your windows tinted! 

What are the types of window tinting films?

Window films are classified as per the different purposes they serve:

1) Tinted films help reduce the glare of the sun

2) Reflective films keep the heat at bay

3) Frosted films help in maintaining your privacy

4) UV protective films help in protecting you from the harm-causing UV rays

5) Decorative films bring out the visual appeal of the windows

6) Low emissivity films increase insulation

7) Security window films make shatter-resistant glass for your safety. 

How to choose the right window tinting films?

It is important that you focus on what you need while you choose a window tint. Most often, home window tinting is done to keep the harsh rays of the sun away and let the house stay cooler. However, with a variety of films available, other uses for it are also being taken into consideration.

The latest trend is to let in natural light into the bathroom and for that frosted window tinting is done so that you have both privacy and the luxury of natural sunlight flooding in while you have a bath. You can use decorative window tinting in other windows of the house so that you have both extra privacy and protection from sunlight at the same time. So, it is all up to your liking. Just let our experts know the kind of window tinting you want and we will take care of your requirements. 

What affects the cost of home window tinting?

There are numerous factors that affect the cost of installing window tints and they are as follows:

  • The kind of window tint film you choose
  • Your window size and the number of windows you wish to get tinted
  • Access to the windows for the application if you live in a high-rise building
  • Whether the old tint needs to be removed or not

Though there is an option of buying the window tinting film and DIY, it is always better to leave the job to the experts. We at Solar Care will take all the efforts to deliver the best results. You are more likely to ruin the show if you DIY. Our team of experts will suggest what kind of film will suit your needs and how the job is going to be done. 

If your window has a lot of small panes or if it has glass in odd shapes, you need to pay a little extra for installation of the tinting film. There are certain high-performance films too like the low emissivity films that cost much more than the basic tinting film. However, all the money you are going to invest is going to be worth it. 

Getting home window tinting done from Solar Care will benefit you in several ways thanks to our expertise and prompt service. We will come to your place to measure your windows and in the next visit we shall install the film accordingly. You can see professionalism in our experts as they know their job well.

You can initially contact us for quotes and ask us about the film that will suit your windows. We believe in providing only top-quality tinting films to our clients so that it remains scratch-resistant and bubble-free. 

We can show you the samples of our previous work and also give you the contact numbers of our existing clients so that you are completely sure about giving the window tinting project to us.

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