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Home and commercial window tinting. Are you finding efficient ways to enhance your business premises or you wish to add to the value of your residential property? If the answer to any of these is yes, home and commercial window tinting is the answer you are looking for. Tinting the windows sounds like the simplest upgrade, but it will give you all the benefits that you seek. 

We at Solar Care have been in the business of home and commercial window tinting for decades. We understand our customers and strive to exceed their expectation every time we do a tinting job. Our crew is highly skilled, experienced and trained on latest methodologies to deliver top notch quality window tinting service.

Why should you opt for home and commercial window tinting?

You must be wondering what exactly are the benefits of window tinting and are they worth it. Well, the list of benefits can be a very long one, here are some of the most important ones, that should be enough for you to convince yourself to get a window tint done.

  • Privacy: Be it your home or office premises, everyone values privacy. With a window tint, outsiders will not be able to see through the window and thus the chances of theft are also decreased. Added privacy would give some peace of mind to the employees or your family.
  • Savings on utility bills: Window tints provide an insulation and keep the space cooler. Thus, you will have to spend lesser energy in keeping the area cool and that will lead to a lower utility bill. 
  • UV Ray protection: Exposure to UV ray does a lot of damage. From damage to the skin, eyes, cancers in case of humans, UV exposure also damages furniture in the long run. Window tint will block the UV rays from entering through the window and thus reduce UV exposure.
  • Comfort: With an increase in privacy, cooler space and better aesthetics, one will feel more comfortable inside. In case of a commercial space, the employees will feel more motivated and the productivity will be boosted, thus leading to business growth.
  • Increase in the property value: Any upgrade adds to the value of the property. Window tinting is no exception. With all the benefits mentioned above, your property will have a higher value and you will not have to wait for years in case you wish to sell it off.

How to find a window tinting service?

When you decide that you want to go for home and commercial window tinting, the first step is to find a good service provider for the job. You must not try to do a DIY job here, as tinting needs expertise and special tools. Here are a few points that will help you find a good and reliable company.

  • Find a local company as the will understand the local rules and regulations related to tinting. 
  • Check the type of film that the company is going to use. There are a variety of films, and each has a specific feature.
  • Hire a company that has enough experience. Experience in the field would mean they know the job and are trusted by customers.
  • Read online reviews, feedback and testimonials. You can also ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations.
  • Seek quotes from multiple companies and compare them. Don’t get lured by the cheapest quotes, but bank upon affordable rates and guarantee of quality.
  • Hire a company that has all licenses in place and who covers the service under insurance.

Once you consider the above points, you will be able to find a reliable window tinting company like Solar Carevery easily. The mantra, is to not rush in making the decision and do enough research on service providers. 

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