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Window Film Best For Your Needs

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Window Film Finding Which Best Suits Ones Commercial Needs

Window Film, and Window tinting have huge advantages especially if they are done professionally by experienced and well-known firms like Solar Care Inc Window Tinting. These companies not only offer a huge variety of window tinting options, they also provide guidance so that companies are able to make a correct selection of the type of window tinting required. 

However, in order to make this selection, it is also important for the company or business concerned to have a brief but relevant idea of the advantages of the different types of window tints available. These window tints serve varied purposes and based on the same they can be differentiated into:

  • Sun control window tinting films: As the name suggests, these tinting films are primarily concerned with controlling the entry of sunrays thereby preventing heat from entering the office. This type of window tinting film is further divided into:
    • Reflective window films: As the name suggests they help to reflect back the sun rays thereby preventing them from entering into a commercial space. Thus much of the heat and harmful UV rays which comes along with the sun rays are also reflected back. They are shiny and have a mirror like silvery appearance when viewed from the outside. They are also affordable and serve both purposes of protecting the people inside from the harmful effect of the sun rays and upgrading the appearance of the office exteriors.
    • Deluxe window tint films: They are also reflective in nature but do not have a reflective appearance either from the inside or outside. However, they are credited with having no tolerance for heat and thus enable businesses to keep out most of the unwanted heat from their offices. This keeps the offices cooler in comparison and also helps reduce utility bills due to reduced use of the air conditioners. 
    • Enerlogic window tints: They rate very highly in terms of efficiency and energy savings. The installation of Enerlogic office & commercial window tinting makes the window work in the same way it would if there was an additional window glass panel added to it. Thus using this type of window tinting enables offices to keep out almost all the heat thereby ensuring effective use of the air-conditioners and a huge reduction in the utility bills. This cooler office temperature, especially in the hot summer months, enables employees to work efficiently thereby increasing their work output and subsequently adding to the company profits.
    • Neutral tints for windows: Yet there are people who prefer natural light and an unobstructed view of the exteriors from within the confines of the office without having to deal with the hassles of the outdoor heat. For such people, the installation of these neutral window tints is the best option since this type of window tinting facilitates an almost complete blockage of the outside heat without hampering the entry of natural light or obstructing the view through the windows.
    • Low-E film tints for windows: These window tinting films come with added insulating properties. Thus they are able to aid the:
      • Cooling systems installed inside the offices during the summer by hindering the entry of outside heat and 
      • The heating systems installed during the cold winter months by insulating the office and preventing the outside cold from seeping inside. 

Thus they are also economically viable since they help in the efficient functioning of the installed HVAC systems within the office and also help to reduce the electricity bills.

  • Ceramic window film tints: These tints are created using the nano-ceramic technological process and thus are able to provide an impressive degree of heat control. They are also characterized by resistance to corrosion thus making them an economically viable alternative. But they do not provide any reflective appearance. 
  • Decorative window tinting films: Most office & commercial window tinting companies also offer the option of installing decorative window tinting films. They help to transform the mundane window glass into something which is decorative, classy, elegant and styled. In fact these films can also be used for branding of the company logo, advertisement and promotion of the company products and services.

Businesses, today, know what they want and hence choosing the correct window tinting option based on the same becomes a simple process by keeping the above differentiations in mind.

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