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Industrial Window Tint The Different Types - Oceanside, Ca

Industrial Window Tint The Different Types

Commercial Glass Building Tint - Industrial Window Tint

Industrial Window Tint The Different Types. Most commercial buildings face the problem of irregular cooling. Some places feel hotter than others. This decreases the productivity of employees of the commercial building. Alternatively, customers going inside also feel uncomfortable and might start preferring to opt for other places to suffice their needs. 

One way to solve this problem of irregular cooling is to increase the capacity of the installed HVAC systems. However, this will also lead to enhanced utility bills that further add to the overheads. This outcome raises questions on the feasibility of the solution adopted. 

Another option that some companies adopt is to install an industrial window tint on every window present in the building. This installation comes with a wealth of benefits like:

  • Reduced utility bills as the tints prevent the sun’s glare from entering the building
  • Longevity of furniture, furnishings, accessories and floors
  • Less exposure to UV rays thereby ensuring the good health of the employees
  • Improved aesthetics of the building 
  • Eliminating the need for curtains and blinds etc

However, the sheer number of choices available in industrial window tint can make it difficult for the user to choose. Each commercial window tint has different features that enable it to serve different purposes. The types of commercial window tints that are commonly used are:

  • Solar films: Being stuck in the office should not take one away from the beauty of nature. The picturesque views of the surrounding landscape that employees enjoy through their office windows coupled with the natural light streaming in, help to enliven the office atmosphere. 

But the glare coming in through these windows is also the cause of certain discomforts and needs to be controlled. The installation of commercial solar films helps to control the amount of light coming in through the windows without hampering the natural views visible through them. 

Commercial building owners can choose from a selection of three different kinds of solar films. They are:

  • Reflective window film: As the name suggests they provide a mirrored look to the exterior of the building. This industrial window also helps to provide enhanced privacy along with the reduction in the glare, UV rays and the heat coming in through the windows.
  • Neutral window film: The use of this film guarantees all the benefits of using a solar window tint yet does not affect the external appearance of the windows. 
  • Low E-window film: This film is specially formulated for use in places that experience harsher climates. It also helps to reduce energy costs considerably. 
  • Decorative films: These help to improve the external and internal appearance of the windows. Users can select from a plethora of colours, patterns and textures offered by window tinting firms like Solar Care Window Tinting. These films help to enhance the privacy of the rooms and buildings where they are installed. Some different varieties of the same include:
    • Textured frost or frosted window tints, are aesthetically beautiful and help to enhance office privacy at inexpensive rates
    • Textiles and patterns inspired window tints enhance the décor of neutral spaces along with offering privacy
    • Coloured window films add colour to an otherwise neutrally coloured workspace
    • Gradient films offer relatively less privacy but help break the monotony of a glass partition
  • Films for safety and security: Other than enhancing the beauty and privacy of the commercial buildings, the industrial window tint also helps to improve the security of the office space. These tints are also categorised into three different types.

    They are:
    • Solar security and safety films: They offer all the benefits of a solar film and the protection of the security and safety film. Users can also choose the thickness of the film to prevent shatter damage.
    • Anti-graffiti film: The removal of the signs of vandalism or the presence of unwanted graffiti can prove to be costly since contractors have to be called to clean up the mess created. By installing an anti-graffiti film, the clean-up process becomes easier since the old film is simply peeled off and a new film installed.
    • Exterior security and safety films: Exterior security refers to guarding against thefts, accidents and natural disasters. Installing these films add an extra protective layer to the windowpanes. It also makes them scratch resistant and stronger. 

Users should carefully choose their industrial window tint based on its characteristics and benefits. This enables them to ensure the correct choice thereby enhancing the benefits of the film chosen.

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