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Decorative Window Films – Beautiful Films To Know

Decorative Window Films – Beautiful Films To Know

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Decorative Window Films: A Unique Mix Of Practicality And Aesthetics

Decorative window films provides creativity which knows no bounds and this is amply proved by the fact that the invention of the decorative window tint allowed people to get the much desired privacy and make a style statement too. Since this is a requirement which is applicable both to commercial as well as residential complexes, decorative window tinting films come in a wide variety of designs, colours, patterns and styles. This increases its utility by enabling diversity of application.

Thus there are some window films available which might be used just to:

  • Add colour to the windows,
  • Enhancing the looks of windows and providing it an intriguing twist,
  • Offering privacy by making the window opaque yet allowing natural light to percolate through etc.

The need for installing a decorative window film tint arises from the fact that it can be used to:

  • Elevate the design of the interiors,
  • Increase the privacy of the people inside,
  • Hide views which are unsightly and which cannot be removed,
  • Mimic the effects of specialised glass at much reduced rates,
  • Diffuse the harsh light entering a room and enable better light dispersion,
  • Make it easy to update and upgrade the decor of a room without having to invest too much money in its restoration etc.

Decorative window tints thus add that something extra to the decor of a room thereby enhancing its effect from the ordinary and mundane to the extraordinary and superlative. Some of the varieties of decorative film tints which have been successful in making a greater impact and garnering more popularity are:

  • Decorative Window Films Stained glass window tints with accents: The overall effect which this type of decorative window film imparts is that of a stained glass window. This accent film is applied to the window just like any other window film and can be made to cover the whole window or simply a small portion of it. With numerous colour combinations, patterns and designs to choose from, it becomes the perfect addition which has the ability to impart elegance and class to an office or home. The fact that sunlight percolating through it changes colour to give the room an ethereal appearance is another factor which enhances the popularity of this type of window film.
  • Decorative Window Films: Textured window tinting film: This type of film is applied when people want the quality of light entering a room to change. Textured window films are thus used to allow muted light in the room thereby enabling people to enjoy their privacy in a very elegant setting. The fact that this type of film simulates the effect of actual textured glass makes it an affordable version of the same and is thus the reason for its popularity.
  • Decorative Window Films: Frosted glass window tinting film: They come in two varieties—one wherein the window becomes partially opaque and the second wherein the window becomes completely opaque. Thus this is used more to provide privacy while ensuring the entry of natural light in abundance. Using a decal which features a design covering just the top and the bottom of the window enables the user to add a design to the frosted glass tint thereby attaining a designed frosted glass window tint which makes the room look beautifully bright.
  • Decorative Window Films: Etched glass window film: As the name suggests these window tints have a design etched on them. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the area of the etched design is generally kept clear and see-through so that a person is able to enjoy a view of the outdoors through the design etched. The popularity of this type of window film lies in its authenticity which makes it difficult to understand if the window is actually made of etched glass or has a tinting film covering it. 

A decorative window tint is the thinnest of all window tints available and should only be purchased and applied using professionals from the field of window tinting like Solar Care Inc Window Tinting. These firms with their experience and expertise ensure better returns on the value invested by listening and acting on the needs and requirements of their clients. 

The application of a decorative window tinting film is thus an individual choice which helps fuse practicality and beauty in a way so that the mundane becomes a thing of beauty and the practical becomes aesthetic.

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