Commercial Window Film

Start saving on your energy bills, enhance your company’s image and reduce glare with commercial window film.

Commercial Window Film

As a LLumar SelectPro dealer, we proudly offer both LLumar and Vista films with certified, licensed installation services for:

  • Solar Window Films
  • Decorative Window Films
  • Security and Safety Films
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We work with Property Owners, General Contractors, Designers, Architects, Facility Management and Tenants to create comfortable environments, save energy, privatize and decorate glass and windows, provide safety, including GSA requirements.  We also provide products to that offer up to 9 LEED points for green building standards.  With 30 years of experience, we can create a retrofit solution, without the cost of replacing windows.

  •  Reduce heat by up to 78%, helping you to keep the AC down to a minimum, saving you lots of money!
  •  Block 99% of UV rays, preventing damage to furniture and people (preventing skin cancer) by 99%!
  •  Help protect people from broken/shattered glass!

There are few investments that can produce such immediate and enduring benefits; a guaranteed financial pay-back, protection for people and property, and visual appeal.

Save Money

Both large and small facilities can save money as window filming allows maintenance of consistently balanced climate. You will notice an immediate return on the investment as it helps lower your energy bills and operational costs.

Comfortable Indoor Environment

Contemporary office designs make natural lighting an important part of the design. Commercial window film helps protect such environment from the accompanying problems of glare, temperature fluctuations and heat. Window filming helps keep out a significant percentage of the heat and UV rays and protects from glare. It helps balance the temperature and maintain a comfortable work environment.

Building Protection

UV rays from the sun are not only harmful for the people working inside your building but also for your valuable items – furniture, computer systems and wall paint. Solar ultraviolet rays and heat can cause damaging effects on the entire interior space. The furniture, expensive equipment, carpet and other merchandise can start fading after longtime exposure. Window film can filter out almost 99% of these rays, helping protect your investment and enabling them to last longer. Thus, you will not only be protecting and extending the life of your investments, you will be saving money in the long-term.


Another benefit of installing commercial window films is that they protect everyone from shattered glass. Safety is always the top priority in a commercial space and window films are an important part of it. The thicker versions of the film can help hold the glass in place when shattered accidently. Besides protecting the employees and customers from personal injury, this feature can also help reduce damage to the property.

Professional Appearance

Decorative window films help give a more contemporary and professional look to your commercial space. They are available in a wide range of designs and styles suitable to the type of environment you have in your building.
With so many reasons for installing commercial window films, they make an essential investment in a commercial environment. Contact us at 877-726-8468 for any query and our Certified professionals will get back to you with a FREE ESTIMATE!


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