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Car Window Tinting The Different Types And Their Suitability

Car Window Tinting The Different Types And Their Suitability


Car Window Tinting. Window tinting has many uses and it has thus become a very popular feature today. More often than not cars with tints ranging from extremely light to the dark can be seen zooming past. But not all car tints are the same, even though they look like it. It is also very difficult to distinguish them but nevertheless companies like http://solarcareinc.com/ who are well-known for the car tints they apply, offer choices and also help car owners to choose the appropriate ones.

Types of car tints

The differentiation of the car window tints is primarily due to the purpose that they have to serve. It should also be mentioned here that the different types of window tint for cars also differ in terms of their monetary value. Basically there are 5 different types of car window tints and they are:

  • Dyed window tints: Commonly used in the aftermarket car window tinting, it is generally made from sandwiching a dyed polyester film layer between a hard coat mandatorily scratch resistant and the adhesive layer. It is extremely beneficial in:
    • Blocking up to about 50% of the sunlight from entering the car,
    • Absorbing the heat of the sun into the glass,
    • Being non-reflective and
    • Being non-interfering with regards to both in glass antenna and radio waves.

Of all the types of window tint for cars, this is an extremely effective yet inexpensive option but the ultra violet rays of the sun tend to have a negative effect on the dye and hence these window tints need to be replaced as and when that happens.

  • Metalized window tints: This type of car window tint is extremely durable since it is made up of several layers, one of which consists of a metalized film that has the ability to reflect about 40% of the suns light and heat. The metallic particles present in this layer also help to increase the shatter resistance of the window glass and thus keeps the people travelling in the car safe from injuries that they would otherwise have to endure from the shattering of the glass. But the biggest disadvantage is that the metal particles present have a tendency to interfere with GPS transmission, radio reception and even phone signals.
  • Hybrid window tints: As is evident from the name, this car window tint type combines the best qualities of the dyed film and metallic window tints. Thus it has a combination of the metalized film and the dyed film sandwiched between the hard coat and the adhesive layers. The advantages resulting from this combination are:
    • Inexpensive and affordable car window tinting option,
    • Extremely superior UV and heat blocking,
    • Lang lasting and one of the most durable among all the types of window tint for cars,
    • Electronic interference is much reduced and
    • Has a naturally shaded look which is neither too mirrored-like not too dark.
  • Ceramic tinting tints: This is essentially similar to the metallic window tints but instead of the metallic particles, non-conductive ceramic particles are used to prevent any interference with electronic signals. The main advantages associated with this are:
    • 50% of the sun’s heat get blocked
    • The highest resistance to glares, fading and UV rays,
    • Shatter resistance offered is also quite superior and
    • They offer maximum visibility both during the day and night.

However, this is quite an expensive window tint even though it is worth every penny one pays for it.

  • Carbon tinting film: Widely hailed as the next generation car window tinting, the carbon tinting film contains no metals and thus:
    • There is no interference with radio or electronic signals,
    • Blocks about 40% of the solar heat and light,
    • Offers an attractive matte finish and
    • Is also fade resistant.

For all its advantages it is definitely a very costly option but when installed properly and in the right manner, it tends to last for the whole of a car’s lifetime thereby making it financially viable in the long run.

Some variations of the above types of car window tints are also available like the:

  • Black tint which is the darkest legally permitted tint available and blocks UV rays and solar heat to the extent that the car becomes cooler,
  • Coloured tints which gives the car window tint a touch of colour like pink, blue, silver, green, red etc., thus adding a touch of flare to the car,
  • Commercial tints which are the only heavily dark tints available for commercial use and makes the car inside almost invisible from the outside thus preserving the privacy of the people travelling inside,
  • Graphics tints which enable patterns and designs to be imprinted onto the car window tint film,
  • UV clear tints which specialise in UV filtering which not changing the colour of the car window glass etc.

The availability of many different types of window tint for cars makes a buyer spoilt for choice but the car owner, needs to look at all the pros and cons before taking the final decision.

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