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business window tinting

Business Window Tinting. Do all the offices in the city look swanky just by coincidence? The secret behind their appearance is window tinting. It is a great idea to invest in business window tinting as it takes the look of the building a level higher. Getting business window tinting done is extremely beneficial as it keep the sun’s heat, glare and harmful UV radiation out. It is also capable of keeping a pesky passerby away. You can save a lot on your power bill as you would not need too much of cooling after you get your windows tinted. 

However, what you need to note is that all window films are not the same! Here there is a list of the most popular window tinting films. These window films are chosen most often while getting business window tinting done!

1) Sun control window film

It is important that your office seems like a comfortable space to work in but at the same time you need to consider costs and ensure that it is energy-efficient. After all, apart from saving your monthly expenditure, you are also doing a favor to the planet and its beings. It is high time we think of the environment also and not just about our own comfort. With a solar control window film, you can prevent the sun’s heat from entering your premises through the windows during peak summer and the same window film will help reduce the loss of heat during winters. So, you will get a double benefit. Your interiors will stay warm in winters and cool in summers! This film helps in bringing your energy cost down by 30% a year and this saved money can be used elsewhere in your business. So, to ensure that your office is not affected by the climate outside, you should go in for the solar control window film.

2)  Security window film

There are chances of your windows getting shattered because of a storm or due to trespassers trying to break in to your property. In such situations, it would be great to have a security window film installed on all your window panes. This is important for those offices that are at the ground floor as someone can easily force their way in. The security window film is a must have as it will protect you to a certain extent and will last for a number of years. Don’t take risk and get these films installed in your office as soon as possible. You can get the best kind of security films from Solar Care. Our installation experts know their job so well that they will finish the job swiftly without disturbing your staff. 

3) Frosted window film

Most people get business window tinting done when they feel that their office is too open and people can peep in. Everyone needs their privacy and it is important to have partitions between cubicles and other office areas. So, we at Solar Care advise that you get a frosted window film installed on the windows and partitions. This way you will have enough privacy in places facing the street and in meeting rooms. 

4) Decorative films

Decorative window films enhance the aesthetic appeal of your office. You can contact us and our experts will help you finalize the type of decorative film you need for your office space. It will attract more clients and your employees will also be happy about the fact that they are working in a pretty looking space. 

Have you heard of ceramic window films?

Most often, the materials used to make films include polyesters, metals and dyes. However, these days there is an increase in demand for ceramic window films. The reason is that these are stronger and more durable. Apart from that, ceramic window films block infrared light that gives you the feeling of heat. The film will block up to 90% of the rays and therefore keep your office cooler. An added advantage of going for ceramic is that it is shatterproof and therefore, the glass will stay in place even after getting broken. 

Why choose Solar Care for getting business window tinting done?

Choosing Solar Care for getting business window tinting done is a great idea as we have been in this field for the last 30 years. Three decades is a really long time and we have only been spreading smiles all over with the finest window films. There won’t be any bubbles or peeling off when you get the job done from us. You can reach us at 760-519-4294 and we are always there to answer your queries. Just call us for an appointment and you will not be disappointed. Our experts will come over to your place, understand your requirements and advise you accordingly. 

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