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Artificial Grass -

Artificial Grass

To our customers with respect to artificial grass

We originally tested a non reflective film to the exterior of the glass with our customers in Carlsbad, California. We had great results and there hasn’t been any issues or signs of burning due to Suns reflection on the artificial grass. 

We were first confronted with the challenges of artificial grass burning, due to the home glass windows reflecting the suns radiant heat and raising the temperature of the artificial grass, to the point that it was burning the blades of grass. 

Due to the artificial grass manufacturers we do not and cannot guarantee our film products will stop damage for occurring.

Solar Care Inc. limited warranty will guarantee the installation and the material of our exterior window film products. Our warranties are limited to only the materials that we install. We cannot warranty the artificial grass, or any other exterior or interior surfaces affected directly or indirectly by the suns solar spectrum  

Thank you,

Solar Care Inc.