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A Complete Guide To Custom Retail Window Film

Retail window film. Popular for the past three decades, retail window film systems have been extensively used to outfit retail stores. The ability to provide solutions successfully to most real-time glass-related issues is the most important reason for this popularity. It also helps to enhance staff productivity and improve customer conversions. This is another important benefit of installing window films in retail outlets and stores. 

Some window tinting services like those provided by Solar Care Window Tinting, also offer customised services. Herein, unique requirements of retail stores are considered and a window tint is designed and installed based on the same. A Complete Guide To Custom Retail Window Film

Some companies prefer to have their company logo displayed to improve branding; some advertise special bonuses or schemes being offered etc. Such customised window tinting enhances its utility by enabling its use in creative, practical and cost-effective ways. 

Hence, most future-ready stores opt for customised window tinting of their retail outlets and storefronts. Some window film installations that are commonly applied in the retail industry are:

  • UV resistant solar films
  • Security films for enhanced safety
  • Customised films for better branding
  • Decorative films to add aesthetics to the storefront
  • Privacy films to enhance employee productivity and the comfort of the customer

Benefits of using retail window tints

The retail window film offers retail stores a wealth of benefits. Some of the more relevant ones include:

  • Creation of a customised, changeable retail space: The installation of window films has the potency to convert retail store spaces into uniquely memorable spaces. Even when these customised retail spaces are kept for a short time, they create an impact that enhances customer footfall for that period.

    The custom window film solution is flexible enough to be removed or replaced seasonally, monthly or installed for special purposes.
  • Additional protection for windowpanes: Installing a security film helps to create a secure work environment. These films are scratch and smash resistant. They create a firm but invisible, protective layer over the top of the windowpane.

    When the window glass cracks, then the shattered pieces of glass remain contained within the window film. This prevents the people inside from getting hurt and minimises the risk of vandalism, break-ins and burglary.
  • Indoor temperature control: During summer, the intensity of the sun’s glare increases with time until it reaches the peak at 12noon. Due to the earth’s rotation, the sun rays also fall on the shop at different angles throughout the day. This results in the generation of pockets of heat within a retail store that prevent the installed air-conditioner from cooling the retail store uniformly.

    By installing the retail window film individually on all windows of the store, there is a visible reduction in the entry of the glare from the sun. This makes the store cooler and reduces the pressure on the air-conditioners thereby reducing utility bills.
  • Prevents the entry of harmful UV rays: Prolonged exposure to UV rays can lead to the formation of skin cancer in employees. Additionally, furnishings, furniture and floor get faded and might even crack from constant exposure to UV rays.

    Installing a window film with the ability to filter out UV rays saves people and things from its harmful effect thereby increasing the safety of the retail store. 
  • Protection from graffiti and vandalism: Storefronts are a favourite place for people to vandalise and destroy with graffiti. It hampers the beauty of the retail storefront and makes it look unappealing to customers. The installation of the window film makes it easy to clean up the mess overnight by simply peeling off the window film and installing a new one.
  • Increases visibility of the storefront: For a retail store to stand out from the competition there has to be something unique about it. The retail window film helps to impart uniqueness to the storefront by giving it a personality. Additionally customising the film to make the storefront even more eye-catching and attractive will draw the attention of the passers-by. This helps to increase the brand visibility of the store and enhance its appeal to customers. 

Retail window film serves many different purposes. As mentioned above, it can be used as a decorative, for brand building, increasing customers, making shopping a pleasant experience for them, adding welcoming warmth to the store etc. However, the choice of the window film needs to be done based on the requirements of the retail store so that the benefits can be maximised.

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