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How Much Do You Need to Spend on Tinting Your Car Windows?

  • March 26, 2016
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The cost of tinting your car’s windows can differ based on so many factors. You can expect to see big variations in prices in different stores, for different number of films and film names. So there is a lot you should know to determine the right price and to avoid paying more for car window tinting.

Keep in mind that all films serve their specific purpose. So when choosing the best film for your car window tinting, you should search for the options which fall within your budget. You can expect to spend anything in the range $200-400. The prices can vary based on two major factors: the film’s quality and your vehicle’s make.

When it comes to the names, it can become quite complicated to choose the right tinted films. Instead of getting into the names, you should look at the films. The prices you pay for car window tinting rely on the kind of manufacturing technique used. Currently, a total of only 4 methods are used for making these films.

So when you think about the price, you should consider the following main factors:

  • Your car type
  • The shade and type of window tinting you want
  • Whether there already is window tinting or not, because it will have to be removed

You will have to determine how much you should tint your car’s windows. This varies from one car to another depending on various factors. If you want to make the right choice, you should get help from the local SolarCare expert. We have several years of experience in meeting the window tinting needs of our clients. Our experts can evaluate your need for tinting and provide you a no-obligations quote for free.

How Your Car Type Affects Window Tinting

You should know that car types have a big impact on window tinting prices. This is because some makes and models are much more complicated when it comes to tinting. The first time you contact a quality tint shop, they will want to know your car type. This will help them determine the amount of work involved so as to give you the right price.

If you have a car with rear windows which hare either steep or curved, you should expect to spend the most. This includes vehicles like Corvettes, Beetles, and Volkswagen. Another factor is the surface area of the windows. Cars with larger windows will cost you more for the tinting films. That’s why it costs more to tint an SUV or station wagon than a sedan.

Tinting Film Types

The quality and cost for tinting films differ just like for so many car products available out there. You would notice that the cheapest available tint films cost just a fraction of the top-end films. But like any other product for cars, price and quality go hand in hand.

A cheap film may look great initially. However, gradually they can start showing color shifts, bubbles, and even the heat protection can get affected with time. If you want longevity, superior quality and advanced fidelity, you should choose fully-metallized tinting films. They use special technologies like deposition (such as SolarGard HP) and sputtering. They also come with lifetime warranty.

Warranty Against Performance

At SolarCare Inc, we provide consumer warranty that remains in effect and it it backed by the window film manufacturer.


The basic warranty which is commonly provided covers only glaze, cracks, peels and bubbles. You can find certain special warranty types. They include:

  • Transferable Warranty – These are great-value warranties because they remain valid even after you have sold your vehicle.
  • Color-Safe Warranty – Film replacement if film starts changing color or loses its color.


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